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Pain and Spine Specialists

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Jyothi and Sudhir Rao are doctors who think differently. They believe everyone’s healthcare needs are different and that patients shouldn’t settle. They’ve taken a step back from mainstream healthcare, are challenging the norm, and have started an integrative medicine revolution. We like REVOLUTIONS and we love it when clients challenge us to help them grow their business.

Pain and Spine Specialists
Shakthi Health & Wellness Center

We’re happy to be working with Pain and Spine Specialists, and Shakthi Health & Wellness Center. We’ve worked closely with the Jyothi and Sudhir Rao to enhance their social media presence, develop product line microsites, and coordinating digital advertising campaigns for both Shakthi and PASS.

Focused on Integrative Medicine

Shakthi Health and Wellness Center is focused on integrative medicine and pain relief that treats the root cause of the problem, not just the symptoms. Their patient-centered approach looks beyond illness into environmental factors, biochemistry, and genetic predispositions that may be making a person sick.

Shakthi (Shuk-thee) means Strength, Empowerment, and Agent of Change.

Dr. Sudhir Rao, MD

Dr. Jyothi Rao,

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